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DEER HUNTER 2014 v1.2.3 Mod (Unlimited Glu Credits/Bucks)

Return to the wilderness in the most visually stunning FPS hunting simulator DEER HUNTER 2014 on Android! More »


DEER HUNTER 2014 v1.2.3 Mod (Unlimited Glu Credit/Money)

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Rating: 4.3/5 (13 votes cast)

DEER HUNTER 2014 v1.2.3 Mod (Unlimited Glu Credit/Money)
Description: Return to the wilderness in the most visually stunning FPS hunting simulator on Android!

Updated: December 19, 2013

Requires Android: 2.1 and up
By: APK PRO World

The Holiday events and rare seasonal hunts are now live!
It’s a winter wonderland – watch reindeer fly, snowmen hop and animals in festive hats.
New rockin’ holiday weapons are available in the store!

Travel from North America’s Pacific Northwest to the Savannah of Central Africa in an epic journey to hunt the world’s most exotic animals!

“Great shooting mechanics and lush visuals” – Modojo
“Bite-sized missions are perfect for a fast fix” – Kotaku
“I was more than pleasantly surprised” – Arcade Sushi

Immerse yourself in diverse environments filled with over 100 animal species! Watch out for attacking predators including bears, wolves, and cheetahs! Hunting deer is just the beginning!

Enjoy endless customization as you perfect your weapons. Upgrade magazines, scopes, stocks, barrels and more! Take hunting to the next level!

Compete for bragging rights as you bag the biggest animals with Google Play achievements and leaderboards!

It’s open season join the hunt today!

Developed for fans of FPS games, Hunting Simulators, and the Deer Hunter franchise.

Click below to Download:
Download from TusFilesDownload for free

Warning: Please click here and read before downloading, its for your own safety.

Note: Always remember before installing any app or game to check the compatibility of your device on google play store link before complaining here.

DEER HUNTER 2014 v1.2.3 Mod (Unlimited Glu Credit/Money), 4.3 out of 5 based on 13 ratings

36 Responses to DEER HUNTER 2014 v1.2.3 Mod (Unlimited Glu Credit/Money)

  1. Mahboobur Rahman says:

    Hi Bro.. thanks for the posts. I’m already a bug fan of your website.
    I’m having problem with this release of Deer hunter 1.0.4. after installation & running the game I do not get unlimited glu credits/money.
    v1.0.2 was running fine (my device is not rooted) in my S4 with unlimited credit/money.
    Any help or suggestions please? Much appreciate your work. please keep it up!

    • admin says:

      did you installed it over old version or removed the old version and then fresh installed the 1.0.4?

      • admin says:

        checked the issue, this mod is not working properly, so updated the post and added a extra file, just download/extract and copy to android/data dir. and overwrite, and remember not to run it online.

  2. jimbo says:

    mine too.. i don’t got unlimited glu credits/money too..
    i’vw uninstall the old version and installed this version but still got nothing…
    please help.. ^^

  3. Mahboobur Rahman says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply!!
    However, I’ve tried the new files from 180upload & installed as per instruction on my S4 i9500, now the game get stuck on loading “preparing deer hunter” & doesn’t start the game. i did a clean installation.
    I tried the game in my Galaxy tab 2 10.1 P5100, the game starts but without unlimited credit/money… :(
    something i’m not doing right?! anyways if this doesn’t work out, will wait patiently for your next release of the game :) keep it up!

  4. Mahboobur Rahman says:

    just to add on the previous post, downloaded & overwrote the wallet folder as well, installed clean, but same story as previous post, S4 game loading screen freezes, Tab2 game runs without unlimited credit/money. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Ok, let me check again, as i already tested this game on s4 i9500 and s3 i9300 and its working flawless on both my devices, i want you to just try it once more pls:
      Install the apk (do not run), now copy the offline data to sdcard -> Android -> Data,
      now download the file from zippyshare and extract/copy that to some location (like downloads) and now use phones file manager to copy “” dir to sdcard -> Android -> Data and overwrite when asked, now run the game in offline mode. (Remember not to copy the “” dir directly from pc to phone, only use your phones filemanager)
      Hope this time it works.

  5. Mahboobur Rahman says:

    Great!! working perfect! problem was i unzipped the 2nd wallet folder & placed it from the pc. Thanks a lot!! amazing!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Welcome, Nice to hear your problem is finally solved. Always copy extra files (like offline data or other data) using your phones file manager, sometimes direct copy from pc to phone fails. One more thing about this game is, if ever in game it shows glu credits in (-) minus then again copy and overwrite the third file “” dir to sdcard -> Android -> Data. And do not run this game while net connected.

  6. syukran says:

    this works fine, but hw to buy more wepon without using internet? hope this content will added next update, appreciate much!

  7. syukran says:

    i just stuck at region 1 and cant go next region bcoz no net connection, if i open internet my gold all gone, hw to do?

  8. edorius says:

    The mod works fine, but i have some truble with the internet Connection

    when i start the game in offline mode i have about 1 million Gold, then i Switch to home Screen, enable Internet and Switch back to game

    then the game says “a new update has been installed” and all Gold is gone
    if i click ok the game Closes

    help please

    • admin says:

      Pls at least read the full post, updates are posted, if your glu credit is gone then close the game and re-copy ‘’ to sdcard/Android/data and overwrite when asked.

  9. prabowo says:

    Nice mod! It’s working flawlessly on my S4! One question, though. Do you happen to have any hunter bucks mod? It would be awesome if you do!

    But still, thanks a lot for the glu credits mod!;)

  10. rohit arora says:

    Did exactly as specified copied both the folders to android data but still it is not working I ma using root explorer on Xperia z
    Have tried it 4 times already still No unlimited gold
    Any help please

  11. Sameer says:

    thanks a lot for modded version, just followed your instructions and working 100% on my s4. Love you man.

  12. Riju Michael says:

    Can some one please share the deer hunter 2014 Hack tool which is used to overwrite the phone files from computer…
    I tried googling it but gets sites which told me to attend one surveys…
    But even after attending all the surveys given by the site i get only some malwares instead of the tool…
    If any one having it please upload to any file sharing site like Mediafire, megaupload, 4shared etc….

    • admin says:

      why do you need to overwrite the files from pc, simply copy the data to a newly created dir. and move the files using phones Filemanager.

  13. nel says:

    Nice mod! Works perfectly! The problem you guys have about having no infinite glu points is that after extracting the gwallet.rar you immediately copy the folder in android/data. What you must do is that after you extract the file, go to the extracted folder and open it, there will again be another folder inside labeled the same Now thats the right folder you should move in android/data for the unli glu pts to works. Hope this helps.

  14. rohit arora says:

    i deleted the previous folders from the android/data and then copied te new ones you provided even the gwallet one…. but still no luck…
    did try it again

  15. mario says:

    Hi. I’ve followed all tips. Now i’ve a question. Can I play with internet connection activated?? Thx +++

    • admin says:

      no, if you do so ur all money and glu credit will become negative, but in game where it requires internet you can temp. enable internet, unlock what you want and then disable it again. If money becomes negative the simply re-copy ‘’ to sdcard/Android/data and overwrite when asked.

  16. Philip says:

    I tried following the instructions and even read all the comments and i cant seem to figure it out. i dont know whether to use my phone or computer. Do you think you could you give me a detailed step by step? i have a droid razr M and the app is 1.0.4

  17. Abhinav says:

    bro, you are doing a great job,
    these credits are workin in all the games which required glu credits…
    thanks a lot man… (y)

  18. The Pine K says:

    I installed it but cant buy new guns because it seems like the MOD does not connect to the internet even thou all my other apps work fine. Keeps sying INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED.

    Please help.

  19. The Pine K says:

    I tried everything and still I cant download new guns or maps. Please help.

    • admin says:

      i don’t know what to suggest now, as after properly following my instruction its seams to be working for everyone here, even i am currently playing this game without any issues now, i downloaded other regions, unlocked and purchased all weapons (Even which requires internet), and still no issues. Now i can only say is remove it completely and re-install exactly as the steps given above.

  20. philip lemburg says:

    So, when I download the files they are in a.rar format. When I go to extract the files, it says it cannot open this type of file. I downloaded the app ASTRO File Manager and tried it, and it didn’t work still. I must be misunderstanding something here.

  21. Vikram says:

    Your patch has worked flawlessly on my Samsung Galaxy S-Advance I9070 and I finally got the guns I wanted without having to shell out cash (He he). Thanks a lot pal. Although I would like to mention that it only gave me unlimited Glu Credits and not Hunter Bucks (Which remains the same). But no complaints from my end as the glu credits are the main pain here. Thanks again Bud. Cheers. :D

  22. apkpro says:

    Updated with new tested version1.2.3

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